Why call Jackson Well Services if you need a water well drilled or serviced in Union County Ohio?

When surface water is not found easily, there is the need to use well water. However, there are many underground contaminants that could make the well dangerous. Every well owner should continuously work hard on increasing the safety and purity of drinking water.

Drilling Is Not a DIY Project

Most wells are 100 feet deep or even deeper. Digging a hole this deep requires the use of heavy machinery that most people cannot use on their own. Evaluating the soil and water levels is necessary to build a stable well. It’s also important to know the right length to build, which varies based on the water user’s needs. So not only is installing a well complicated, it is dangerous and potentially deadly, too.

Water Well Repairs

A lack of water pressure is a common reason why people need well repairs. The water is not pumped out fast and hard enough, so this results in drippy faucets, weakly flushing toilets and trickling shower heads. In rare cases, there are damages that occur underground, causing the well to break down and leak out water. Contamination from polluted soil or runoff water is another problem that can be prevented with the help of Jackson Well Service providers.

Water Well Maintenance

Well owners are encouraged to have these structures maintained once a year. Just like an automobile needs washing and a bathroom needs cleaning, a well needs regular cleaning to be removed of polluted water from runoff and microorganisms that cause illness. If the well is placed near trees, there needs to be dirt, leaves and other debris removed from the interior. There is also the problem with chemicals like arsenic that are found naturally in the soil and often seep into underground pipes or wells.

Once a well is built, it will be used regularly, so it doesn’t make sense to forget about taking care of it. A well lasts 20 years on average, but it’s a lifelong investment to keep it going. Jackson Well Services is the ideal source to use for well owners in Union County Ohio who need regular installations, repairs or maintenance services.